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Someone please UNCURSE my account.
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This player has been modded by the community

time served +chat Hero Of Time 2:24 PM, Wednesday March 13, 2013 EDT
trying to prove a point or something? -chat Hero Of Time 3:00 PM, Monday March 4, 2013 EST

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I'll uncurse you! Come back!
Lalita Lani on Tuesday March 1, 2016
idiot dont respect flags
mimiss on Wednesday February 19, 2014
good player
Im Defeated on Thursday February 6, 2014
nice player.
Alrightt on Saturday January 18, 2014
I watched this player play a whole game where he or she was in the 1st place position. Cadpilot stabbed a flagged player for no reason other than to get 50 points. Pretty pathetic play by such a high lvl player. No Honor I wish they would ban he or she again.
Lucky KD on Friday January 17, 2014
I quote another review: Got pissed off when he lost a fair fight. Really obnoxious player. Sore loser
Nerd Alert on Wednesday January 15, 2014
Fair and honest.
Art?rs Žukovs on Thursday December 19, 2013
got pissed off when he lost a fair fight. would have accepted flag but he was being a real douche and vulgar about it. really obnoxious player. sore loser
TheNewLookRavens on Tuesday December 17, 2013
Despite avatar appearances, he does not date attractive women.
mjcm on Friday December 13, 2013
Played a good game. Stayed for kill. Classy.
prairiehobo on Monday December 9, 2013
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