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restored +chat integral 10:39 PM, Monday May 15, 2017 EDT
abusive language -chat integral 5:21 PM, Friday May 12, 2017 EDT
restored. sorry it took a bit longer. +chat +play +post jurgen 5:32 PM, Monday September 28, 2015 EDT
stop being toxic please. 1 day ban so you can think about it -chat -play -post jurgen 6:31 PM, Wednesday September 23, 2015 EDT

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will sit down and immediately stand up to reset the clock on tables that he doesn't want to play at, just to try to get people to come to a table that he does want to play at... f***ing sociopath
Flynt on Monday March 12, 2018
0 table PGA.
Rowen on Saturday March 3, 2018
Bad player, does not respect rolls, dom farmer and all round fuckwit.
HankScorpio on Friday February 16, 2018
untalented backstabber
avesano on Thursday December 28, 2017
STABER... evry game stab !!!! BAD PLAYER !!!!
IQ Genius on Sunday December 10, 2017
Ahhh dragonfly500, my favorite! He stabbed me in one tourney after a silly flag and apparently didn't like i refuse his flag in the next tourney... He is so smart, he doesn't make difference between stabbing and refusing a flag.
AlbanBanal on Monday November 20, 2017
didnt respect flags for no reason.
charliebrown2000 on Saturday September 16, 2017
pro in ruining others games for free
celta on Wednesday July 12, 2017
This guy simply put fucking sucks at this game and goes out of his way to ruin others when he has no chance. When even spectators are calling you out for poor play you should take a look in the mirror and realize you blow. In this case, that guy getting called out is dragonfly and hopefully (I doubt it) he listens and decides to view better players play and learn how to play at a higher skill level before entering tournaments or playing at any high level tables.
Dick Tucker on Monday July 3, 2017
PGA !!!!
O_SO_SMOOTH14 on Tuesday May 30, 2017
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