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pga retard
llxll on Wednesday May 1, 2013
Complete asshole, do not trust his flag
DED on Thursday May 3, 2012
does not respect flags
Henrik on Friday March 9, 2012
Does not respect flags
Montcalm on Tuesday February 14, 2012
fucking faggot... cocksucker of the world
Viper84 on Sunday August 14, 2011
idiot pga create new acc fuck you sistr and beybi!!
bivo on Monday April 25, 2011
flagged him and he killed me. faggot
KamiKazi1 on Sunday April 24, 2011
fucking piece of shit tourney play
RollinLikeAChamp on Sunday March 27, 2011
Nice guy
jf220 on Wednesday March 16, 2011
tbf, in defence of zeca, this last review came from someone who truced, then decided we couldnt win and flagged one of the other side :p. Bit rich making judgements on flagging...
OneShot7 on Wednesday March 16, 2011
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