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Recognized on 11:26 AM, Friday November 21, 2014 EST by integral
Dedicated member for the past few years, helping keep the members tournies alive. Thanks for your continued support of the site.

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one of th e worst f*** in the tourney
SHO-GUN on Sunday March 22, 2015
honorable player
kittah on Wednesday February 25, 2015
Despite his huge experience and high level he is just imbecile. Its a matter of gens, his parents are low iq imbeciles and he has inherit the family intellectual quality
Boromakot on Monday February 16, 2015
stabbed in members -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
lerch on Thursday January 22, 2015
Richarto on Tuesday October 21, 2014
He openly cheated with a (verbal) flag given to me.
uolter on Thursday September 4, 2014
ignored my flag
moulue on Saturday July 19, 2014
Sup Kostur
Smoke Two Joints on Sunday April 27, 2014
fair and honor player
Egazas on Tuesday March 4, 2014
typical kdice old-timer. whiny, privileged, if not pgaed always favors friends and old-timers over anyone new. confuses his good old boy network with being skillful. if attacked or beaten, suicidal anger and irrational play ensues. watches a lot of "honeymooners" reruns. eats too much fried food. calls women "ladies" in kind of a creepy way. once dated a first cousin. suspected anabaptist.
yes me on Tuesday September 24, 2013
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