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Nice and fair player. Played a good tourney with him!
fishhook on Tuesday March 18, 2014
pga with prymus or somthing like that. Killed me on a 2000 table to make prymus 3rd. Flaged him, like all others did, rounds before, so his 1st was save.
Sian85 on Tuesday March 18, 2014
pga wiht prymus!
Kurwa_pendecho on Monday March 17, 2014
plays an unfair game at tourney. Had no option to win but ruins other players game and had go away.
Tippy G on Wednesday March 5, 2014
craig blubber defended 7v3, 16 to 18, (2,1,1,5,3,3,1 to 6,6,6) +6 dice
moulue on Tuesday March 4, 2014
had nice tourney with!
Grux on Monday March 3, 2014
He is beautiful
craig blubber on Wednesday February 5, 2014
dumb piece of shit who truces you for 8 turns to betray you then - not realizing he will loose his 1st with that
Mrs. M on Monday January 6, 2014
Takes every chance he gets to stab others, watch out for this one.
Gul Sno on Monday December 30, 2013
don't respect flag idiot
Ramazan on Thursday August 15, 2013
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