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take rest of month off again https://snag.gy/0JufbM.jpg -chat -play -post integral 10:38 PM, Wednesday July 12, 2017 EDT
restored +play integral 11:02 PM, Monday July 3, 2017 EDT
pga, you can get your account back july 1st. please dont' play alts or your ban is extended. -play integral 11:15 PM, Sunday June 25, 2017 EDT
sorry, i didn't unban sooner bu tI hope you learned your lesson...have fun but behave please +chat jurgen 9:46 AM, Sunday August 14, 2011 EDT
3 day -chat for spam despite multiple warnings -chat jurgen 5:14 AM, Saturday August 6, 2011 EDT

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flag and sit, he will wait for other players to kill you pussy player douchebag
Cippa Lippa on Monday July 10, 2017
Günther Playing B-)
the die on Monday June 19, 2017
Thank you my friend! See you there
Luciano R on Wednesday May 31, 2017
KDancer on Monday May 29, 2017
Nice to have you back - and how would you want to see me (fail, ofc) when you try to get away from here ;-)
Louis Cypher on Tuesday April 18, 2017
Noob Slayer on Thursday March 30, 2017
Held up a tournament because he didn't like the outcome. Wouldn't want to see him again.
ShaPhi7 on Sunday February 5, 2017
Coward : flag on round 2 on 0 table. No balls
Zebre on Monday January 16, 2017
13r on Sunday January 8, 2017
Racist cunt should be banned. Stop calling me nigger you petulant child
I Pitty The Fool on Tuesday August 26, 2014
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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