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sw1ft25 wrote
at 6:20 PM, Tuesday October 13, 2020 EDT
Coming back with another contribution - please vote this to show among the first ones for newbies to see too:

Intro: As this is not a click and move game and it involves other people too, it is quite known that this game is played in a specific way. I'm amazed people aren't playing with this in mind by instinct already and get butthurt like: "I attacked you because you took land from me".

Early game stage (first 3-4 rounds): where dudes try to connect and land grab passing chaotically-looking between each other (some look for truces in this stage by moving in a specific way but you didn't hear it from me).

Usually, it's not ill-intended as you start randomly across the map, and by default, everybody should try their best in this stage without getting too personal.

Middle game stage: After the early stage when the territories between players are defined some pick the little straw, that's how it is... try not to get upset, it's ok, try more or play the next day if you're on a bad streak and get hotheaded. Also keep in mind that even if you aren't that big on the map you still can place higher despite how bad it looks. NEVER GIVE UP!

In this stage is the time to look for player moves and ask yourself: are there possible truces? is it good to attack purple here? what would green do? Now you pick your fight and allies. "No allies" strategy is good too but in my humble opinion this game can't and won't be played like that, there will always be some sort of in-between player cooperation even if you like it or not.

Late game stage: When who fights who is clear and you have just one thing to do: sit or attack and let the dice decide the winner!

TL:DR - Game has three stages: early, middle and late game. Try to have fun and don't take it too personal in first 3-4 rounds because everybody is trying their best. Then look at players moves and try to see from their viewpoint - make up ur mind: who is ur ally or enemy?. At last, the late game stage where it's all sorted out and you sit or fight for a specific place.

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sw1ft25 wrote
at 7:01 PM, Wednesday October 14, 2020 EDT
About this... I wrote it with a clear delimitation between stages in mind: I attack you in the early stage for lands but I can change my mind and treat you as an ally later because the game progressed in that direction and you can't always see in the future like that.
petlura wrote
at 2:38 PM, Thursday October 29, 2020 EDT
True dis
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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