Kdice Death Knell
mgdruss wrote
at 9:39 PM, Saturday September 12, 2020 EDT
Kdice is in terminal decline.

I have been playing Kdice for decades, but I now worry for the current state:

- no-one is playing when I log in
- I no longer can play on my iphone (everything surely is going this way)

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mgdruss wrote
at 9:42 PM, Saturday September 12, 2020 EDT
And also when I try and play on another platform it doesn't work.

Sort it out - or it dies
Louis Cypher wrote
at 7:59 AM, Tuesday September 15, 2020 EDT
"decades" is not true for sure - it started in 2006 iirc, so 20 years (minimum for 2 decades) is not possible.

Other than that, Windows and Firefox does work.
sw1ft25 wrote
at 8:23 PM, Friday September 18, 2020 EDT
you showed him Louis
XCRobin wrote
at 4:12 PM, Friday September 25, 2020 EDT
I wonder where rnd is. Y'all should convince him to play. He'd spice things up.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:28 AM, Monday September 28, 2020 EDT
what about hcdug, murti/longhair or Das? There are MANY that could make this more vivid.
fcuku_ wrote
at 3:40 PM, Tuesday October 20, 2020 EDT
Rnd has gone full conspiracy/thinks he's the Messiah. I guess that would add spice.
Aleksa_bre wrote
at 4:02 AM, Wednesday October 21, 2020 EDT
No one is playing bc a lot of players are pga-ed, have lot alt´s there is no reason to play for many
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:57 AM, Wednesday October 21, 2020 EDT
There have literally always been alts, pga, teams and alike. It would take pages to list all the shit that's been there. It has never stopped people form playing as long as they had the feeling there was some activity against it. In the absence of any modding - that's annoying.
Aleksa_bre wrote
at 6:00 AM, Wednesday October 21, 2020 EDT
Yes...but some get banned and others not.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 6:08 AM, Thursday October 22, 2020 EDT
Looking at the advisor log there seems to be one active mod for the time being. And - without any complains - all he can do is to remove obvious bivo-alts.

In other words, due to the thin mod-coverage, currently nobody is banned for anything. This has been different - better or not can be discussed. However, it seems that no modding is worse than debatable modding had been.
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