kdice is unplayable on my laptop
kolof wrote
at 10:35 AM, Saturday August 15, 2020 EDT
i own a macbook pro and tried playing kdice on google chrome. the game constantly lags out and often times i cannot even press my territories to make a move (but sometimes i can). any tips?

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gnice37 wrote
at 9:01 PM, Saturday August 15, 2020 EDT
clear google chrome history, cookies, and caches...i had to do this a few months ago and it worked
Bhadeti wrote
at 10:59 PM, Saturday August 15, 2020 EDT
I just came back for some games after not playing for years, same thing happened to me. Pretty much makes sense to me now why there was only 2 people playing when there used to be so many more. KDice needs to put the work into building up the community, would love to actually see them come out with a multiplayer mobile app, would definitely catch some new attention.
Ramu the hacker wrote
at 7:57 AM, Sunday August 16, 2020 EDT
I am playing in my super computer
Karsten4130 wrote
at 9:26 AM, Monday August 17, 2020 EDT
Often Chrome doesn't work so i play on Edge.
bigboyxx wrote
at 10:14 AM, Monday August 17, 2020 EDT
Don't play on Chrome....
Victor99 wrote
at 1:18 PM, Thursday October 22, 2020 EDT
It won't work on your laptop... you have to use a computer
Hijii wrote
at 7:24 PM, Friday October 23, 2020 EDT
There is a bug with google chrome: make sure you are scrolled all the way to the top of the browser window or it won't let you select territories. When the game lags out just refresh, happens to everyone.
fuzzymcfuzz wrote
at 10:25 PM, Friday November 6, 2020 EST
just use firefox. that's what I do
Ramu the hacker wrote
at 1:01 AM, Saturday November 7, 2020 EST
I will play kdice on tiles, country man ramu lol
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