The Site is Dangerous - Change Your Passwords
PanzerRed wrote
at 11:06 AM, Tuesday July 21, 2020 EDT
Change all your passwords.

Make new email accounts with new passwords.

The site is not secure, literally.

E-mails and passwords are being harvested in order to gather information about players and to harass them (and perhaps, in the future, to blackmail them).

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TheBetterYodel wrote
at 9:26 PM, Tuesday July 21, 2020 EDT
You can't change your email to an account. I logged in to check and chrome gave me a warning about it. Good thing I used a throwaway back in the day.

TheBetterYodel wrote
at 9:26 PM, Tuesday July 21, 2020 EDT
chrome warned me this site was unsafe and harvesting passwords. So yea see ya. lol
punkpunk wrote
at 2:53 PM, Thursday October 22, 2020 EDT
What can I do?
I would like to
1. change email address on file
2. change password
3. If neither option is available, close account and have info deleted.

Can't seem to find a way to do any of the above right now and I am pretty much never on the site. Oh and I have no access to the email address I gave years ago.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:53 PM, Thursday October 22, 2020 EDT
None of this is possible. You can only change passwords and mailadresses in real life, if the data you used here is used any other place.

However, I am yet to see proofs for the claims made here. Neither PanzerRed nor Yodel have been seen since this claim was made - during a time where this game was hit by some weirdos.
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