KProfiles Still Aren't KWorking
PanzerRed wrote
at 6:31 AM, Saturday June 1, 2019 EDT
Profiles still aren't working. The points/levels on the right work again, and the leaderboard works, but month archives for the leaderboard don't.

So can someone in the KDice Facebook group whine about it / ask Ryan to fix it? And if Ryan doesn't answer or fix it, maybe we can suggest that a player (who is also a computer programmer) be allowed to fix the problem for him?

Dicefully yours,

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:28 AM, Thursday June 6, 2019 EDT
I get the impression participation is even lower than the last months. If that's related to the still broken profiles or just coincidence - no one knows.

But fixing this obviously broken part would be one way to show this site is still taken care off.

Or, if fixture is difficult, which I can't tell as I don't know the code or the details of the mistake, a statement given an idea of why it will take a while would be nice.

Anything supporting the idea that this is not a totally abandoned place running on scripts and automatism only would be great.
charliebrown2000 wrote
at 1:21 PM, Thursday June 6, 2019 EDT
What louis said.
probabler wrote
at 5:55 AM, Saturday June 8, 2019 EDT
To play game you need to sit and play.

Just sit and play.
When others see we play they join and party goes on.
jurgen wrote
at 1:35 PM, Sunday June 16, 2019 EDT
Sorry for the long delay. Things should be fixed somewhere today. Thank you for your patience.

I'll give everyone 2% extra luck for the inconveniennce ;-)
Louis Cypher wrote
at 9:52 AM, Monday June 17, 2019 EDT
Thanks Jurgen. Profiles and stats are now working nicely - if you reload the page often enough...

The 2% really helped. 102% of 0 luck.... explains me losing every 2k I tried today with no shot at anything ever. It is good to see some things are constant.
jurgen wrote
at 11:57 AM, Monday June 17, 2019 EDT
Well Louis, don't forget that I gave EVERYONE 2% extra luck and so you're facing like 4 or 5 ppl with increased luck ;-)

Louis Cypher wrote
at 10:37 AM, Tuesday June 18, 2019 EDT
I figured - especially since 2% increas on the very subjectively currently experienced 0% is making a much bigger difference than for any other value. ;-)

BTW, it is totally broken right now. No map shown,...
Caesar wrote
at 11:48 PM, Tuesday June 18, 2019 EDT
am i the only one still can't access the player profile?
charliebrown2000 wrote
at 6:41 AM, Wednesday June 19, 2019 EDT
it works when you refresh a few times. if that can be regarded as an improvement to not working, is up to you...
Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:49 AM, Monday June 24, 2019 EDT
I did not have to reload today so far - maybe it has been fixed. Thanks for the effort in that case.
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