Ciaran openly proxying
avesano wrote
at 4:19 PM, Monday May 20, 2019 EDT

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PanzerRed wrote
at 4:40 PM, Monday May 20, 2019 EDT
While I don't advocate proxying, avesano P.G.A.'s and I think that countering P.G.A. or using proxies to counter P.G.A. is ethically okay. In the above example, the proxying was used to knock out the cheater avesano

avesano is XIV Louis by the way. Mods, check the IP address and you'll see he's the same guy.

Here avesano is openly P.G.A.-ing with Alperen Kalay, IQ Jackass, and [email protected]??? in a tourney:

I've documented numerous examples of these players P.G.A.-ing and I've saved it to their reviews:

And there are many others making the same accusations.
Ciaran needs poi wrote
at 5:38 PM, Thursday May 23, 2019 EDT
If you ask a large portion of the community who has seen this (me proxying, yes I admit it) then they know I have only done this to combat their PGA. Even in this replay avesano linked, I say at approximately 3 minutes in:

sorry to play like this
had to counter avesano

There are also numerous replays where I also do this but roll 1/2/3/4 to play fair with other players. I will not however, stand by while PGAers like Avesano, IQ Genius, [email protected]@@, Dicebomb, Alperen Kalay, go unpunished.

I know that with this situation I could possibly be banned, but for what its worth, I care more about the health of kdice, and trying to keep it moderately fair, than any level or trophy I will achieve in Kdice.

If the time comes where staff is punishing those involved, me included, I would hope they get information from multiple sources. Ask most of the players I have played with (that being mostly players who play 2k or 5k) and they will support me.

More players than I can remember have told me "I support what you are doing".

Staff may be non-existent in kdice currently, but that wont stop me from doing my best to keep it fair.

Louis Cypher wrote
at 9:47 AM, Friday May 24, 2019 EDT
Well spoken and in the absence of law-enforcement you might need to become a criminal to protect the law (Hail Robin Hood). However, take good care to stop it at the right time - it might be addictive to control the tables.
avesano wrote
at 2:08 PM, Saturday May 25, 2019 EDT
say the guy stealing gold for months with his proxies: quite ironic :)
avesano wrote
at 11:16 AM, Sunday May 26, 2019 EDT
...and the other one banned for pga...
Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:45 AM, Monday May 27, 2019 EDT
Just to make this clear - I hope you were not referring to me with those accusation. AFAIK I have yet to win gold.... ;-)
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