Most successful PGA in March
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:42 AM, Friday March 29, 2019 EDT
In march there was one increasingly blatant yet very successful pga active. It most certainly included IQ Jackass and dicebomb. There might be others involved.

These 2 always sit the same table...

Sad but true, I used to know db as a fair player. But with hardly a mod active, you can do that to.

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dicebomb wrote
at 6:01 AM, Friday March 29, 2019 EDT
ur retarded not my fault
dicebomb wrote
at 6:16 AM, Friday March 29, 2019 EDT
here reply i played my own games im not responsable of other players thing so get a life and stfu
Louis Cypher wrote
at 7:18 AM, Friday March 29, 2019 EDT
1st replay: purp gives you a big hand, possibly not your fault
2nd replay: turn 3 you give the game to purp, clearly your fault

Both together: nice teameffort.

Thanks for providing the evidence.
dicebomb wrote
at 3:36 PM, Friday March 29, 2019 EDT
turn 3 at 4:34 he cut me yes he dould do the first atatck on me but he didnt maybe he wanted truce if not he would involve in a figth with me giving game to other if u call this pga then u understand nothing in this game
Louis Cypher wrote
at 7:30 AM, Monday April 1, 2019 EDT
Man - I'd say just the same if it had been just one game. But the same 2 being forced by circumstances not to fight again and again and again [and again]+...
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