Vicotory!?! Or was db right?
Kylo Ren wrote
at 10:24 PM, Thursday February 28, 2019 EST
We have VICTORY over the cheating crew of Alperen Kalay, avesano, and dicebomb. They were kept out of the gold medal. Or is it victory? They blatantly cheated to get their points using PGA and alts. They even admitted it. But, they are right about one thing. The top players and old timers all say they do not cheat. Most do not use alts. But they PGA just as much if not more than the cheating crew. They delude themselves into thinking that they donâ??t PGA, but they do. If two old timers get next to each other in a game, itâ??s a guaranteed PGA round one. They call it â??reading the mapâ??. But if they get next to â??noobsâ??, then they will not team up with that player. If you see the profile of many of the old timers, you will notice that many of them have been â??bannedâ?? at least once for PGA with â??their friendsâ??. Way to go alp and db for 2nd and 3rd. Great job getting those dots next to your fake names. You should feel very proud of yourselves.

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 9:01 AM, Friday March 1, 2019 EST
I used to think just like you. But now I guess I am entitled to say that I am one of the "old accounts". Most likely this is one of the oldest active accounts around at all.

The thing is "Old Trusted Friends". If I sit next to an old account (let's say Dicebomb or Avesano or Hcdug or Tyla or Ehrnrooth or Fish or ...) I am quite certain they will read my move (or my not moving). The chance they get my intentions right is pretty high, as they know my style of playing and vice versa. So I trust in them to play as always.

As for the "new kid in town" I do not know any of this. So I will be much more careful in attempting something like silent truces. The idea of killing that har to judge player is favorable.

You can trust me, I've been in your shoes and been yelling the same stuff.

But, very honestly, there is a good shot of me teaming up with any of the above mentioned players in one game and killing the same player 1st turn next game if there is a chance to do so. It has nothing to do with Pre Game Alliances but with chances, probability and knowledge of the other person.

So, hang in there.
fruityjuice wrote
at 1:02 PM, Friday March 1, 2019 EST
k ark
Slinus wrote
at 3:09 PM, Friday March 15, 2019 EDT
Only took you 12 years, Louis!
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