whoever coded the bot - KUDOS
hcdug wrote
at 9:08 PM, Thursday February 21, 2019 EST
fun game with AIBotPlayer wasn't manually controlled. Whoever programmed it great job.

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:10 AM, Monday February 25, 2019 EST
Confirmed, the programming is good and it makes it easier to have low level games going.

However, it is a sad sign that a bot like that will easily finish top 100 and above by the pure number of games played. About 5000 games played and 1/3rd of those won the performance isn't too bad.
kamikaze Mike wrote
at 9:17 AM, Monday February 25, 2019 EST
This game is for humanoids.
Bots must die
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:40 AM, Wednesday February 27, 2019 EST
I feel slightly remembered of "I Robot". Which part of you is a bot Mike? ;-)
pawellogrd wrote
at 2:58 PM, Thursday February 28, 2019 EST
At least there is something to play with even if other players are absent :)
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