Alperen Kalay's alts
Kylo Ren wrote
at 1:09 PM, Friday February 8, 2019 EST
Alp clearing using alts. Two of them are: dicebomb and I33tZ. Here is the proof:

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dicebomb wrote
at 8:28 AM, Saturday February 9, 2019 EST
dicebomb wrote
at 10:39 AM, Sunday February 10, 2019 EST and here ark multi accs+proxy
Kylo Ren wrote
at 8:25 PM, Tuesday February 12, 2019 EST
Thanks dicebomb for further proof of Alp's alts. I appreciate your confession :) by providing the link to the game.
Kylo Ren wrote
at 8:29 PM, Tuesday February 12, 2019 EST
So many people confirm I33tZ is Alp/dicebomb's alt:
Kylo Ren wrote
at 5:30 PM, Wednesday February 13, 2019 EST
Also read dicebomb's review: so many people agree with me. The evidence is overwhelming.
Mark Twain wrote
at 8:36 AM, Friday February 15, 2019 EST
Good point Kylo. Dicebomb uses 3 proxy accounts: l33tZ, Gunbam, 10101010. Alperen Kalay and avesamo are his PGA.
Mark Twain wrote
at 8:39 AM, Friday February 15, 2019 EST
There is no moderator, so i think only kdcie society can remove this shameful and unfair practice
amazing grace wrote
at 10:09 AM, Saturday February 16, 2019 EST
another proof of the cheat going on follows here:
the top 3 never accepted my flag in 3 round, I believe them to be part of this cheating activity

Kylo Ren wrote
at 12:56 PM, Sunday February 17, 2019 EST
This is common. I33tZ plays the lower level tournaments so that he can get his point level high enough to funnel his points to alp and dicebomb. The KDice community banded together to keep I33tZ from getting any points in this tournament: - GO KDICE COMMUNITY!!!
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