Only one "0" min score table :(
Grux wrote
at 3:40 AM, Wednesday January 30, 2019 EST
There is only one Table available that minimum points requirement is "0" and that is an elmination table - NOONE ever sits there, that means i cannot play.

Back to kdice after quite some time, and impossible to play now :(

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pawellogrd wrote
at 6:25 PM, Thursday January 31, 2019 EST
There are usually 2-3 0 score tables. And there are certainly some players. I don't have any problem with finding players at these tables.
Maybe you chose the wrong time but I recommend you to try again ;)
Slinus wrote
at 8:41 AM, Wednesday February 6, 2019 EST

Beginner: 0 level
Average: 100
Intermediate: 500
Advanced: 2,000
Expert: 5,000

E.g. type in ' for a normal 0 level table. Elimination sucks. :)
Slinus wrote
at 8:42 AM, Wednesday February 6, 2019 EST
Don't forget the hashtag like I did.
pawellogrd wrote
at 11:08 AM, Thursday February 14, 2019 EST
Since few days bot has been playing all the day at 0 tables so you can play against it ;)
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