great chat today with a few Austrians -
panzer wrote
at 3:18 PM, Friday January 25, 2019 EST
LaVanas: your life must be worthless
panzer: did you tell your mommy?
LaVanas: i mean it is worthless cuz you are a jew but
kamikaze Mike: so many stupid idiots here
LaVanas: yes mr other pga guy
kamikaze Mike: like LaVanas
panzer: kill the austrians
Soldier40: on 2 games noone flagged each other and just attacked us
Soldier40: mh so who is pga
LaVanas: atleast my country has history not like israel
panzer: we win our wars?
panzer: you lose yours
Soldier40: wowowowo
LaVanas: hm i see we won against ottomans but ok
Soldier40: you didnt even had a war
Soldier40: LUL
Soldier40: the only war was your survival war
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Soldier40: nice only attack me purpl
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panzer: you lost the Austro Prussian war
Soldier40: and
LaVanas: nice google you have there
panzer: WWI
panzer: WWII
panzer: v Napoleon - several times
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LaVanas: of course you lose wars in your 1000 year history
LaVanas: you just excist since 1948 xDD
Soldier40: see the point is that you cant accept it that jews were in history murderd
kamikaze Mike: ha )
panzer: Jesus was a jew
panzer: kill me green
Soldier40: the then he founded another one
LaVanas: yes even he was fucked by the romans
panzer: kill me green I'm a jew
panzer: lol
LaVanas: so what do we learn? dont be a jew or you get killed
Soldier40: pga on point
kamikaze Mike: BANZAI !!!
LaVanas: i recorded all 3 pga matches btw
panzer: we only learned you suck at this game
LaVanas: have fun with your ban bb :))
Soldier40: rothschild are the best example - the only though they have is money money money
panzer: I would keep playing but I have to go rob some people now -
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Soldier40: jews are like herpes - if you have them once you never loose them
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Caesar wrote
at 10:06 PM, Friday January 25, 2019 EST
you are welcome to the quotation thread panz
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