Interesting game - Is a flag a truce?
Sniksir wrote
at 1:22 PM, Friday September 14, 2018 EDT

I am of the opinion green should be protected here, even though I do think he played a subpar game. I think not protecting him would be basically stabbing, a couple players didn't seem to think so though.

Blue earlier in the game has the opportunity to seriously damage brown and doesn't, while green overextends and lets brown take his back territories. While blue and I are fighting, none of his flags are able to assist him until it's too late and he flags to red. I think he could have played on further without flagging from that point, but that's another discussion.

The subpar way green played essentially forces the hand of all his flags to go down with the ship, so I can understand why some might not want to protect him. But on the other hand, watching him die as we do nothingâ?? but reap the rewards of having flagged him seems stabby to me.

Is a flag a truce? What would you have done?

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Vermont wrote
at 11:18 PM, Saturday September 22, 2018 EDT
This was written in 2014? Geez, I'm getting old.
Vermont wrote
at 1:11 PM, Wednesday September 26, 2018 EDT
No posts by anyone in the forum at all since Saturday? Sad...
Sniksir wrote
at 3:15 AM, Friday September 28, 2018 EDT
Catch this, it wasn't written in 2014. The replies are from 2009! I remember reading that way back in the day when I first started playing.

What isn't fully addressed in that post and what is the question of this post is the player meaning behind flag offers.

As I understand it, the current player meaning behind a flag offer is this:

-I will not attack you and you will not attack me unless it is mutually beneficial to do so
-When the game ends, I will take a position lower than you

So in this particular game, not flagging red when green flags red would result in breaking the expected meaning of a flag. I do not understand the viewpoint that allowing your flag to die is acceptable. What would the conditions of the flag be in that case? That you will take a position lower than your flag as the circumstances of the position suits you?
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