If I owned this site I'd let you PGA.
TheBetterYodel wrote
at 11:10 PM, Thursday September 6, 2018 EDT
Not even joking. As a 7 player social game PGA is inevitable. I would enact measures that would let other players know who you're PGA's were though so you couldn't chat pwn them though. Some lvl's of chat pwning add tot he game but not all.

I would create a second area for those who didn't want to do PGA and it would be extremely arbitrarily enforced. Like I would make Jesse mod again or some stupid shit. Just for anyone who wanted to experience the old KDice. :P

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TheBetterYodel wrote
at 11:11 PM, Thursday September 6, 2018 EDT
I would also add an edit button into the forums.
Ing.a wrote
at 1:45 PM, Friday September 7, 2018 EDT
How is PGA not allowed now?
TheBetterYodel wrote
at 1:49 PM, Friday September 7, 2018 EDT
Well I mean the mods and Ryan say it's not so that's good enough isn't it?
Ing.a wrote
at 8:49 AM, Saturday September 8, 2018 EDT
No mods No Ryan here
Sabala wrote
at 6:28 PM, Saturday September 8, 2018 EDT
A while back occasionally we had team plays openly, 3v3 and it required tactics on an other level, it was quite fun.

But lets just not get carried away with new ideas. Right now it looks like nothing will change. Ryan probably doesnt read the forum anymore so Yodel you should find an other way to reach him.
TheBetterYodel wrote
at 10:38 PM, Monday September 17, 2018 EDT
He just responds with "oh I'm not interested in selling. :(
TheBetterYodel wrote
at 10:47 PM, Monday September 17, 2018 EDT
Honestly I feel like Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore.
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