A reason to quit KDice
am I wrote
at 9:00 PM, Friday August 31, 2018 EDT
No mods - blatant chummy play on the last day of August 2018: Ciaran needs poi(nts) & Dirtyrolls. They got 1/3 of their monthly points on the last day.
If this game were to be as fun as it could be, there would be one or two mods around every day who would become aware of stuff like that.
nvm - I played a lot this month - I probably won't again for a long while.

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Sabala wrote
at 5:08 AM, Sunday September 2, 2018 EDT
For me kdice is more like "scum simulator", but tbh it gives great opportunities for first hand experiences on how people with no morals act in their interests. A little insight into politics. It prepairs me some ways to deal with these kind of people in real life.
hcdug wrote
at 7:53 PM, Tuesday February 19, 2019 EST
Learn from the mods, if not worth their time. . .
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:21 AM, Wednesday February 20, 2019 EST
Dug for MOD!

You have to see this "game" as a social studies project. In the beginning we had a creator that cared and had rules and tried to improve his creation. Still it got abused, so he created representativs of his might and interest (aka mods), however he did not give them all of his powers. His selection wasn't always perfect, making it good to have limitations to the mods powers, but it did work out to some degree. But the creator grew tired of his creation and his substitutes felt abandonned as they lacked certain needed powers...

You could perfectly see how a society will develop with a) imperfect rules, b) imperfect punishment for breaking the rules, c) lack of interest, time or power of the controlling instances, d) lack of controll at all.

We are in period d). Armaggeddon is hopefully approaching.
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