Unban after 7 years
Schwabba wrote
at 2:26 PM, Thursday August 16, 2018 EDT
Would be great, any chance?

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TheBetterYodel wrote
at 12:46 AM, Friday August 17, 2018 EDT
There is still time to sell me the site Ryan...before no one wants to play. Just a thought.
Sabala wrote
at 7:49 PM, Saturday August 18, 2018 EDT
How about starting a new site and directing players towards it? Kinda any quality is higher than this so it would work I guess.
TheBetterYodel wrote
at 1:10 AM, Friday August 24, 2018 EDT
Well in reality Kdice has the name recognition and that is still worth something I would actually have to invest some money into advertising and programming to get a site going. About equal to the money I would have to invest to buy the place but with less effort. Time is money after all.

I'm about 6 months away from not caring at all though. This place is fucking DED.
TheBetterYodel wrote
at 1:11 AM, Friday August 24, 2018 EDT
I've been sitting at a zero table for 10 min with no start.
Sabala wrote
at 5:28 AM, Sunday September 2, 2018 EDT
Just trying to brainstorm a little bit:
- crowdfunding
- kdice has already lost its image, everyone knows it sucks, but the urge for playing is stronger ...
- advertise on kdice forum (no mods ...)
- bots on kdice spamtising the new site
- hack kdice and redirect to the new site
- official launch day expecting a dozen players
- whoever tried the new site will recommend it over kdice to friendly players
Troy26 wrote
at 2:47 PM, Sunday September 2, 2018 EDT
schwabba just start a new account, worked for me
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