schwarzbeer wrote
at 7:27 PM, Saturday July 28, 2018 EDT
whats wrong with the images?
i cant see avatars, nation flags and basically all images? anyone else with this problem?
i updated flash player recently, so maybe thats the problem?

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:18 AM, Tuesday July 31, 2018 EDT
Trying to seperately load your avatar as an example ( revealed a 500 internal server error. It will take Ryan to fix this. The only alternative is described by PRE in that other thread of yours (

I think the social study now has reached the point where the society is given certainty of its deity having abandoned them. The prophets (Jurgen,...) have left a while ago, now the seals are being broken. Virtual Armageddon is approaching the site. Let's wait for the return of the Cabal (assuming nobody still around deserves virtual heaven, the path is heading down).
Ing.a wrote
at 8:08 AM, Tuesday July 31, 2018 EDT
One guy with 4 accounts on 5K says enough of the state of this site.
schwarzbeer wrote
at 11:03 PM, Wednesday August 1, 2018 EDT
we got them back!!!
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:33 AM, Thursday August 2, 2018 EDT
As always even after blatant, proofed and punished cheating (I have heared there is a ban), the points are there, the medals stay.
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