hey ryan
schwarzbeer wrote
at 9:49 PM, Tuesday July 17, 2018 EDT
hey ryan,
i want to create a new account to play tourney but i wont get a mail. whats the problem there man? :/


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JUSTcallmePRE wrote
at 11:17 AM, Friday July 20, 2018 EDT
1. gather a bunch of sand

2. put it in a rock tumbler for an infinite amount of time

3. wait for random collisions to form a fully functioning web server with a fully developed version of kdice on it, by pure chance

this will be a much faster method of expecting code updates on this website.
Gummitarsan wrote
at 8:52 AM, Friday July 27, 2018 EDT
Hello. This is Ryanâ??s friend. Just wanted to let you know heâ??s terribly busy with his new venture;, but will be here to deal with all your questions as soon as heâ??s bothered. We must support his new site, the site of; where everything is possible.
Dude112 wrote
at 2:12 AM, Saturday July 28, 2018 EDT
tell ryan to sell the site to someone who cares
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