Blatant pga Fenix5 - Yarobor
Ing.a wrote
at 1:08 PM, Friday June 29, 2018 EDT
Not the first and not the last time

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Fenix5 wrote
at 6:40 PM, Saturday June 30, 2018 EDT
Lie!!! To this dissatisfied woman all time invents pga against her.
Although she with lightness enters in pga. Mainly with strong players - leaders. Suck-up
PGA with olive branch and ehervey and other top 25.
Ing.a wrote
at 8:42 PM, Saturday June 30, 2018 EDT
RIP google translate
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:47 AM, Tuesday July 3, 2018 EDT
There seems to have been a pre-quel to that game as part of the table is instantly teaming up against blue/purp - at least the chat gives that impression. I thus wouldn't result in blatant pga from this single game, though they are teamplaying.

The weird thing to me is that brown is allowing all the farming and supporting that team.
Ing.a wrote
at 6:37 AM, Sunday July 15, 2018 EDT
Ing.a wrote
at 7:03 AM, Sunday July 15, 2018 EDT
Adding OTAMAN and Step Ahead to this proxy. So with no mods around this cheat will get gold, silver and bronze this month. RIP Kdice
Ing.a wrote
at 4:54 PM, Sunday July 15, 2018 EDT
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:04 AM, Wednesday July 18, 2018 EDT
Ok, after seeing all games, there seems to be a group that is friendly to each other (Fenix5, Yarobor, Step Ahead). I haven't seen OTAMAN in these games. There also is a 2nd group that is starting each game by claiming there is a proxy and a person playing 2 accounts. That leaves little chances for those accused to act else but team up as the rest is teaming up also.

Game 2 (broken colors in the replay) both accused players have their fights. Green is fighting red - no need to start on blue. Blue is basically dead after turn 1 and tries to come back somehow. Attacking strong green would be suicidal. Another game that has little evidence taken by itself.

Game 3 green did flag to brown (weird enough), so he should not have taken reds flag or decide that a flag is not a truce and thus watching brown go down does benefit him. The game is rather messed up. Killing red that late was definetly bad but not a proof for anything.

In conclusion I still don't see clear evidence for a pga. Certainly something to keep an eye on and handle with care, but also players that should be given a chance to fight each other. I have no idea how you can detect proxy-cheating and 2 or more accounts being the same person from actions at the table.
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