download replays?
Liathan wrote
at 2:14 AM, Thursday June 14, 2018 EDT
How would I download games to rewatch them?

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probabler wrote
at 3:47 PM, Sunday June 17, 2018 EDT
Profile => Stats
You can see last 10 games there.
Click name of a table to watch replay.
Liathan wrote
at 2:44 PM, Monday June 18, 2018 EDT
my question is, how do I save these games, so i can rewatch them 1 year later?
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:49 AM, Tuesday June 19, 2018 EDT
I'm not sure if they were available if you noted the URL while it is listed.

OTOH - who cares for a game 1 year back? With the exception of me rolling 8 with an 8stack ofc... But that was before the replays became available.
probabler wrote
at 9:05 AM, Tuesday June 19, 2018 EDT
+ I see some problems with stacks in replays:
number of dice in real game vs replay is often different(?)
Could anybody confirm if I am right?

+ I can see some "neutral" lands instead of players' lands...
Liathan wrote
at 5:03 PM, Sunday July 1, 2018 EDT
I would love to have an archive, so I could refer to it in my book or blog
JUSTcallmePRE wrote
at 8:47 PM, Monday July 2, 2018 EDT
@probabler I have noticed inconsistencies with the replays too, but that's gotta be a bug with the replays, not the actual game. sometimes the glitchy replays will shows neutrals attacking, or same color player attacking themself, etc
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