Who will win the World Cup?
Jack Barrows wrote
at 7:41 AM, Wednesday June 13, 2018 EDT
Belgium. Discuss.

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l33tZ wrote
at 10:16 AM, Wednesday June 13, 2018 EDT
easy, brasil or germany.
Exa wrote
at 8:44 PM, Wednesday June 13, 2018 EDT
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:09 AM, Thursday June 14, 2018 EDT
From a by no means representative survey of a strongly biased group:

Germany: 44%; Spain: 20%; Brasil: 16%; France: 12%; Argentina: 4%; England: 4%
jurgen wrote
at 8:37 AM, Thursday June 14, 2018 EDT
The Netherlands....NOT! muhahahaha

I'd love to say Belgium but thanks to a shitty coach I fear they have no chance
XCRobin wrote
at 11:21 AM, Friday June 15, 2018 EDT
Spain. Nuf agrees.
gschmidt wrote
at 2:32 AM, Tuesday June 19, 2018 EDT
Was kinda rooting for Belgium but after this I hope they get trashed in knock out stage.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:47 AM, Tuesday June 19, 2018 EDT
Well - you see this all over this sport all the time. IF the Fifa or anybody was interested in sportsmenship and fair behaviour you would reward actions like this with a 2 game ban even after the game from the video.

Improving soccer is fairly simple.
1) Change to netto game time of 1 hour like in other sports (basketball, icehockey, handball, judo, ...). They all stop the clock when there is no competition. All this dropping the ball, being hurt for ages, crawling to the sideline for the exchange would vanish instantly.
2) Punish rude fouls and fakes even after the game for being against the spirit of the sport and basically an attempted betrayal. Ban the player for 2 games every time. In the game, if you see somebody faking a foul (Schwalbe in German, English expression missing), it should be a yellow card every time. You'd be amazed how quickly they'd stop falling down.

But then, nobody wants this. So - let's see the theater, not the sport continue.

Ceterum censeo I hate Neymar. A gifted player but the most detestable drama queen of all.
running turtle wrote
at 10:08 AM, Tuesday June 19, 2018 EDT
spain or france this year
JUSTcallmePRE wrote
at 5:23 PM, Tuesday June 19, 2018 EDT
Exa wrote
at 9:39 PM, Wednesday June 27, 2018 EDT
kinda seem like germany
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