GT, Thanks Everyone
Exa wrote
at 9:26 PM, Monday June 11, 2018 EDT
been a great time, gt all and best wishes

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Jack Barrows wrote
at 10:17 AM, Tuesday June 12, 2018 EDT
Happy Newyear CB!
Exa wrote
at 9:53 PM, Tuesday June 12, 2018 EDT
good to see you JB, so after all i still dunno whos ur main tho
Jack Barrows wrote
at 7:11 AM, Wednesday June 13, 2018 EDT
Me neither!
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:05 AM, Thursday June 14, 2018 EDT
I don't know anybody's main except mine and maybe Dug (if that's his main) - but then I wouldn't know the alts... So what is Exa's main?

Be friendly, give the persons a chance to be judged again when trying a new account. The true dicks will demonstrate their character shortly.
Exa wrote
at 9:16 PM, Thursday June 14, 2018 EDT
hi sexy red hair, its me
XCRobin wrote
at 11:21 AM, Friday June 15, 2018 EDT
Hi Sophie!
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