Lulu Berlu wrote
at 1:03 PM, Monday May 14, 2018 EDT

This is several games that I lose because after a while, I can not select my dices anymore, so I can not move anymore.
I can refresh the page, nothing changes.
That's really, really frustrating, and I lost a lot of points for this..
Thanks for help.

Lulu Berlu

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 7:18 AM, Wednesday May 16, 2018 EDT
If somebody with access to the sourcecode would care it might help if you could provide information regarding your operating system and the browser you are using.

I haven't witnessed this bug myself. Usually reloading the page helps once everything is frozen.
Lulu Berlu wrote
at 2:52 PM, Thursday May 17, 2018 EDT
Thank you for answer. I'm using Windows 10 and Chrome
Lulu Berlu wrote
at 7:07 PM, Wednesday May 23, 2018 EDT
Help, please... =(
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:15 AM, Thursday May 24, 2018 EDT
The person that might be able to help (Ryan) is hardly seen around, so my best advice would be to test other browsers. Sorry - nothing more anyone could do.
Lulu Berlu wrote
at 6:53 PM, Friday May 25, 2018 EDT
Ok... thanks anyway
gschmidt wrote
at 7:39 PM, Friday May 25, 2018 EDT
if you're on chrome make sure the page is scrolled up. for some reason you can't click your terrs if the page is halfway scrolled down. any other browser should be fine as well.
Lulu Berlu wrote
at 8:05 AM, Saturday May 26, 2018 EDT
Okay, thanks !
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