Blatant 5k pga PeaceToAll - 1a2b again
Jack Barrows wrote
at 9:44 AM, Monday April 23, 2018 EDT

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running turtle wrote
at 9:54 AM, Monday April 23, 2018 EDT
can confirm the pga - i watched the game live
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:08 AM, Thursday April 26, 2018 EDT
Yes, this is rather blatant and sad.

The worst part is that there won't be consequences as this is a lawless place by now.
Exa wrote
at 11:48 PM, Sunday April 29, 2018 EDT
which one is worse, this one or murti's?
Louis Cypher wrote
at 9:17 AM, Thursday May 3, 2018 EDT
Which account is muirti currently using?
hcdug wrote
at 7:24 PM, Wednesday May 30, 2018 EDT
yeah if it werent espyy, I would say it was pretty blatant. But he wasnt really hitting JB either until JB started rallying the troops. didnt cut, went the smooth connect.

Just my 2 cents, but I know 1a2b pretty well and is a good guy.
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