Big KDice news on Ryan's website
JUSTcallmePRE wrote
at 2:13 PM, Monday April 16, 2018 EDT
I am uncovering a deep state, lizard-society, flat earth style conspiracy here. This this goes way higher than we ever could have believed.

The first clue is here: CREATED BY RYAN © 2006

Written directly on the bottom of every page on this website. What could it mean? Perhaps it means that this site hasn't had a code update in 12 years, but that's too obvious.

If you write 2006 into Word and change the font to Wingdings, you get a document, two file folders, and an hour glass. Ryan is trying to tell us something. He has secret government documents and it's a matter of time before he releases them.

If you visit, you will see Ryan has been trapped in a constellation factory and needs to get out. Every time you refresh the page, the stars move. Is he trying to tell us he got a concussion and is seeing stars?

Perhaps the fact that the avatars are missing play a secret role. If you assemble a collage of all the avatars that were removed, it forms an illimunati symbol.

If you scroll down on a Chrome browser

idk the tables are fucked I'm bored of writing this now

website is glitchy and needs new ownership. Ryan please sell KDice to someone who cares ty

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Dude111 wrote
at 3:32 AM, Tuesday April 17, 2018 EDT
I will open the bid at 50 dollars
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