Monsanto wrote
at 7:13 PM, Wednesday January 10, 2018 EST
I know low tables get full soon and luck is a bird, but don't you take joy out of skills?
Go play higher tables please.

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Monsanto wrote
at 7:16 PM, Wednesday January 10, 2018 EST
12k on 0 table? why?
probabler wrote
at 12:04 PM, Friday January 12, 2018 EST
For me the answer is obvious:
I love Jurgen (no emoticon).
at 9:07 PM, Saturday January 13, 2018 EST
Sometimes there aren't enough players for 2&5k tables. 0 and 100 only need 2 people.
greeen wrote
at 2:48 AM, Tuesday January 16, 2018 EST
2k sucks, 0 table is for the pros.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:29 AM, Monday February 5, 2018 EST
The answer is fairly simple and has been discussed many times.

Coming to the "high" tables the game is different a lot from 0 and 100 tables. All of the sudden there is silent truces and - let's be honest and speak openly - such thing as old trusted friends (OTF). In consequence the "new kid" will usually lose the first couple of times getting there. And from its perception the loss is due to teamplay of the regulars. While this may be partly right (OTF), it is also because the new kid doesn't see the teams building the first 2 turns. Regardless of the reason, the result is, that the person avoids high tables for the future, as the experience is frustrating.

I don't blame anybody for this nor is it anybody's fault. It is just an observation.

The solution is also not too difficult, however, it would require some programming. You need more "non-regulars" on higher tables. And you need quicker gamestarts there too. To achieve that, tablelimits need to be introduced. BUT, we need dynamic table limits. That is, if there is only 5 persons online that can sit 2k, those players should be allowed to sit 100 too. Once there is 10 players eligible for 2k, they must not sit below any more. This fills high tables and either changes the game there or spreads the experience. Of course - you need to programm these limits counting the logged in players and you need to realise automatic logout for inactive accounts (or, even better, automated seating of inactive logged in accounts, giving free points to those willing to play...)

My 0,02 Euro - tl;dnr, I know.
probabler wrote
at 11:17 AM, Monday February 5, 2018 EST
"let's be honest and speak openly"
There is no need to invent new acronyms (OTF)

We call it PGA.
a0098pro wrote
at 1:43 AM, Tuesday February 6, 2018 EST
because most of player on kdice are old players
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:09 AM, Tuesday February 6, 2018 EST
Probabler, OTF is by no means a new acronym. The borderline to PGA is thin, but there is a difference.

If given the choice to kill an unknown player or somebody you have been battling for ages any player is likely to kill the unknown guy unless there is some grudges towards the other. This is quite normal and can be observed often. However, this does not imply teamplaying the known player. On other occasions he's just as much an enemy as anybody else. It is even possible to kill the known guy first depending on the situation.

There is the difference to PGA, where you will team up regardless of odds on the map.
probabler wrote
at 11:59 AM, Tuesday February 6, 2018 EST
@Louis Cypher

Newcomers do not care about differences (OTF,PGA,...)and whatever nuances you show.

They want FUN.
If not they leave without goodbye.
Simple as that.
I did not like all that "it was my DOM MAN!!!!" ,and now i play only Jurgen table.
Have fun on high tables till the end of kdice.
Monsanto wrote
at 5:23 PM, Tuesday February 6, 2018 EST
less ppl playing -> more fun ar higher tables
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