Team games
probabler wrote
at 12:24 PM, Saturday December 16, 2017 EST

Old/New idea:

Team games (2v2 or 3v3) played on Jurgen (elimination) table.
If we could set it up somehow (here on forum?)

Just imagine how interesting that could be...

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Anakino wrote
at 2:21 AM, Sunday December 17, 2017 EST
Welcome to 2012
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:07 AM, Monday December 18, 2017 EST
The usual teamgame is played on 2k and 5k tables. It is referred to as pga by the losing team that had not known it was a teamgame before the start.


probabler wrote
at 8:49 AM, Monday December 18, 2017 EST
To be clear: my idea is NOT about changing kdice code etc.

My Idea of team games is:

For example:
we sat at a table and there are four players:
we just say:"teams are red+purp versus green + yell", and we simply play the game like that.

If there are 6 players on a table we have teams:

Do not complicate and do not ask me:
"what happens if teal sits? (7th player)"
I do not know- maybe we can call him an arbiter ;)

Guys (please):
Let's try it- Im sure it's going to be funny and full of strategical skill showing moments.

We're here to have fun.
Let's have fun !!!!!!!!!
Exa wrote
at 9:54 PM, Monday December 18, 2017 EST
tho its even 2011
Louis Cypher wrote
at 6:15 AM, Thursday December 21, 2017 EST
Seriously - it has been done before. Just do it if you like. Nothing to be discussed or where you need new rules for.
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