probabler wrote
at 8:45 AM, Saturday December 2, 2017 EST
Where is Jurgen i miss a lot?

(table i mean)

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jurgen wrote
at 12:14 PM, Monday December 18, 2017 EST
well I don't miss you either! >_<
probabler wrote
at 12:50 PM, Monday December 18, 2017 EST
You know You are my favourite...
... table.
Today I like You even more, and You know why...
BostonMets5 wrote
at 2:57 PM, Monday December 18, 2017 EST
New Format sucks with elims every 3 rounds
Vermont wrote
at 8:54 PM, Monday December 18, 2017 EST
Why do we only have a single table with either the 2 or 3 round format? This is the best way to get a quick game in, and the jurgen table is pretty much always running because people like it.

My thought would be to have a 2 round at the 0 tables and a 3 round at the 100 tables. Why only have fun, no-truce, go for the win games at the lowest level of play?
dasfury wrote
at 11:49 AM, Thursday January 4, 2018 EST
To answer your first question Verm,
probabler wrote
at 3:43 PM, Thursday January 4, 2018 EST
by the way
Where is Jurgen?
probabler wrote
at 9:38 AM, Sunday March 18, 2018 EDT
by the way
Where is Jurgen?
integral wrote
at 11:03 PM, Tuesday March 20, 2018 EDT
he's playing clash of clans.
Jack Barrows wrote
at 7:50 AM, Thursday March 22, 2018 EDT
Where is Integral i miss a lot?
integral wrote
at 11:47 PM, Monday March 26, 2018 EDT
also playing clash of clans
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