Bring back ELO
CriticalDog wrote
at 12:45 PM, Tuesday October 24, 2017 EDT
Bring back ELO scoring!

Get off my lawn you kids.

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Thraxle wrote
at 5:30 PM, Friday November 3, 2017 EDT
It's only been like 11 it!
Vermont wrote
at 7:06 PM, Friday November 3, 2017 EDT
It would be a lot of fun. I'm sure people have forgotten how to abuse it by now.
Vermont wrote
at 7:07 PM, Friday November 3, 2017 EDT
And between the three of us, this is a really old-timer thread.
Thraxle wrote
at 10:17 AM, Saturday November 4, 2017 EDT
Sup Verms!!!
longhair wrote
at 3:41 PM, Saturday November 4, 2017 EDT
hey thrax are you alive?how are you bro?
Thraxle wrote
at 7:40 PM, Saturday November 4, 2017 EDT
I'm good buddy. Doing well. Kids are getting big (11 & 6) and my career is going according to plan.

Life is pretty good.

longhair wrote
at 1:27 PM, Sunday November 5, 2017 EST
i glad to here this.i m good too.still same job same children(they are going university and high school)and still same wife:))
CriticalDog wrote
at 10:22 AM, Monday November 6, 2017 EST
This is really old school.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 9:27 AM, Friday December 1, 2017 EST
I know you've been missing me talking about ancient times.... HERE I AM, young guys.
XCBatman wrote
at 3:13 PM, Sunday January 14, 2018 EST
I'd be down for an old-school ELO game.
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