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Jack Barrows wrote
at 6:09 PM, Sunday October 8, 2017 EDT

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Gauntlet15 wrote
at 6:15 PM, Sunday October 8, 2017 EDT
Once again this proves what a cheating loser murti is. I have observed the lipos/murti PGA or being overly friendly the last few days. Mods, if you are out there, please ban murti and his alts. He is killing the fairness of this game.

To murti: you are a huge loser in denial. I hope you realize this.
avesano wrote
at 6:20 PM, Sunday October 8, 2017 EDT
Not the first time I see Lipos and Murti in a very very "friendly" mood...not even a roll in the end...just a shame.
greeen wrote
at 8:52 PM, Sunday October 8, 2017 EDT

i'm disappointed at lipos.
Exa wrote
at 9:29 PM, Sunday October 8, 2017 EDT
srsly, murti is even worse than veta.
his Turks PGA is well known, his proved cheat history(banned by mod), and his act today. As i heard from others, i wish turk government didnt release this guy from the jail at all.
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