5v8 - but the other doesn't know the rule.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:35 AM, Wednesday September 6, 2017 EDT
The moment me is being lucky, and winning an announced 5v8 is lucky, I have an oponent that doesn't know the rule. Not blaming him, in fact I think he might have respected it if he knew - just another way of having shit luck.

At 8:26.

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CriticalDog wrote
at 2:54 PM, Wednesday September 6, 2017 EDT
I have never liked that "rule", unless both parties agree in advance.
Zuma wrote
at 9:34 AM, Thursday September 7, 2017 EDT
5v8 is realy oldschool. from the time ppl play for fun, not for points
Krangar wrote
at 3:40 PM, Tuesday September 12, 2017 EDT
I'd never heard of the 5v8 rule.

If you win a 5v8 do you win the game or something?
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:36 AM, Wednesday September 13, 2017 EDT
You announce and win 5v8 it is instant win - simple as that. Usually I have only seen it in a heads up.
CriticalDog wrote
at 1:26 PM, Wednesday September 13, 2017 EDT
Again, both parties have to agree. You can't force it on someone against their will.
dasfury wrote
at 4:36 PM, Wednesday September 13, 2017 EDT
Oh boy.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:35 AM, Thursday September 14, 2017 EDT
You certainly can't force it. It is like giving kills on a 100 or 0 table - you can't force it. It is a matter of style and attitude. Similar to not fucking a 1/2-fight from a dead spot.

Go look that up.
Krangar wrote
at 11:05 AM, Friday September 15, 2017 EDT
Not fucking a 1/2 fight from a dead position and not flagging out your kill seem to me unwritten rules.

Going from last to first 1 game in 30 because you have a 5stack doesn't seem the same thing.
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