for more kdice players
longhair wrote
at 3:32 AM, Sunday August 13, 2017 EDT
every kdice players.bring yours a friend

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:08 AM, Monday August 14, 2017 EDT
Even better, bring 5 and build a team! (Sorry, could not resist).

Honestly, the lack of player imho is not a problem of people testing kdice. The problem is, how do you make them stay and try high tables. There have been a few ideas in the respective discussions an on other occasions. The main problem however is within human nature and won't be solved so easily if at all. I used to know "hatty" (taking an example currently not really actively playing afaik) from many games (not in real life, not a friend!) and given the choice to kill either hatty or UNP (Unknown New Player) it will almost every time UNP getting the bad end. UNP would feel cheated and betrayed and see the higher tables as closed circle (been there, done that, still do it at times - and I am not saying there are not groups!). It will take a long time until UNP tries again - if at all.

It takes us, the permanent addicts, to change this. Give UNP that 3rd or 2nd and have the other addict lose. The other addict won't stop playing - UNP might. And, let's be honest one more time, giving UNP the good end might pay in a longer run, e.g. by getting games started as he/she stays online, to name a "legal" example. HCDUG, IFIGENIUS, APRIL22 (to some degree) and a few others worked me that way. And here I am, losing high tables frequently (or whenever I gathered the points in the pits) ... ;-)

It is on us the addicts to get more people staying rather than quickly abusing and wasting them.
longhair wrote
at 9:50 AM, Monday August 14, 2017 EDT
month chapion can take gift.example kiss Adriana Lima:))
???? wrote
at 6:09 AM, Tuesday August 15, 2017 EDT
just quit and play your gameboy. ^_^
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:30 AM, Wednesday August 16, 2017 EDT
I apologize for mistaking this for a serious discussion with concern for the game. I guess I should have known better.
Ing.a wrote
at 6:18 AM, Wednesday August 16, 2017 EDT
hi darling
longhair wrote
at 2:46 AM, Sunday August 20, 2017 EDT
hi darling
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