PeteyC wrote
at 5:38 PM, Monday August 7, 2017 EDT
I'm running Windows 7 professional and using the Chrome browser (with deadcode tools) and seem to have lost all sound on KDice notwithstanding that I have "All sounds on" set.

I asked in one of the games I was playing and it had happened to another player too.

Been going on for weeks now...

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L.G. wrote
at 10:30 AM, Thursday August 10, 2017 EDT
I've had the same issue for the past few days, no sound at all regardless of my kdice settings. That's using Chrome (with okdice extension) on Mac OS X Sierra. I tried switching over to Safari and the sound actually works fine in that browser - maybe it's Chrome specific?
L.G. wrote
at 10:32 AM, Thursday August 10, 2017 EDT
I think I found the problem actually - seeing that we were both using extensions, I tried disabling okdice, and all the sound came back in Chrome. Bit of a shame if I have to choose between sound and okdice now... Try disabling deadcode tools and see if that changes anything.
L.G. wrote
at 10:39 AM, Thursday August 10, 2017 EDT
Huh.. reenabled okdice and everything's still fine with sound now. Not sure if it had to do with switching that off and back on, or going back and forth between browsers.
PeteyC wrote
at 2:12 PM, Thursday August 10, 2017 EDT
So I just figured something out. Flash was being blocked in my chrome browser. When I enabled it the sound came back.

Dunno if I'm going to have to do that every time I launch the browser, but not terrible even if.
Liathan wrote
at 1:09 AM, Thursday August 17, 2017 EDT
I have no sounds regardless what browser, with or without extensions and with flash enabled.
Its sort of killing the game for me, as i allways miss my starts. :(
Randomly sound comes back for short time
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