Career Performance won't update anymore?
a0098pro wrote
at 9:28 PM, Thursday August 3, 2017 EDT
i think so

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 8:37 AM, Friday August 4, 2017 EDT
I don't. What makes you think so? My career score and rank increased with july ending...
ytz wrote
at 5:57 PM, Friday August 4, 2017 EDT
Your rank increased? You're all time 51st though, not 323rd. While the score is still updating after every month, the ranks are stuck in 2007.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 1:50 AM, Monday August 7, 2017 EDT
Oh you are talking about the profile. Well, that is just like the luck-stats, broken for a long time. Basically worth nothing. Not that anybody cares. You want to know your position and rank, look it up. The data is there, but it must be hard to be gotten on the personal profile page.

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