the die wrote
at 8:27 AM, Monday July 10, 2017 EDT
And againg a pga by poco...

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:54 AM, Tuesday July 11, 2017 EDT
Well, at least a strange game with no real reason not to kill poco early or to give him 2nd.
Gauntlet15 wrote
at 6:10 PM, Saturday July 15, 2017 EDT
Gauntlet15 wrote
at 6:14 PM, Saturday July 15, 2017 EDT
Ban Mikkis or give warning for the hate language please.
integral wrote
at 11:46 AM, Sunday July 16, 2017 EDT
keybored wrote
at 2:01 PM, Sunday July 16, 2017 EDT
So you stab and then snitch on him on the forums? How pathetic is that? Even worse that he got banned immediately for writing a single bad word which obviously happened in the heat of the moment, even with a good reason (getting stabbed by that guy). Smh
Gauntlet15 wrote
at 5:21 PM, Sunday July 16, 2017 EDT
General rules:

1) Do not use pornography avatars
2) Do not harass people
3) Do not use hate language or avatars

He deserved whatever kind of punishment he received for not being able to control himself.

Also Mikkis is partly to blame for his loss. He could have not accepted my flag and he could had made me put a hard flag up. He did not do either, so I "stabbed" him. Stabbing is clearly not in the rules. His poor play cost him the game, and then he couldn't control his temper. End of story.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:46 AM, Monday July 17, 2017 EDT
There is no discussion that stabbing is within the rules. If it happens often or at the wrong tables the community usually handles this.

Banning for the single word "faggot" is ridiculous in any case. If it was typed in anger when getting stabbed at a 2k or in any other context. If that is the only reason you have, you can just close this site down. I am certain that 99.9% of the people playing this longer than 6 months have written a mean comment at least once.

If this ban for that single word was the entire truth we now had added "faggot" to the list so far containing "nigger" and "cunt" as words that lead to instant bans.

Welcome to increasing fascism and censorship.

If you really think a single insult (or even a 5 minute rant and curse) written in anger is what should be considered "hate language" I pitty you. Following people around for days commenting on their games and person, writing hateful or insulting reviews outside the anger of a moment or pge-ing persons is much more towards harrassment and hate than an outburst of anger. I'd prefer seeing bans for enacted pge's rather than insults in a context.

For the specific case you have to consider the nationality and language proficiency of a player. I have no clue about mikkis background, but the possible conotations and political aspects of words like "faggot" or "nigger" cannot be known by Non-American players. I still do not see the problem with "nigger" as I have no relation to the slavery background. However I do react quite a lot when being called "Nazi" which many other countries might not get. Basically my problem. Communities are different. As a non-native speaker you sometimes are subject to insults that you then use yourselves without grabbing the entire dimension. People love to call Germans "Nazis" on any occasion - they usually do not get it from our side (but ofc, nobody acts from the US, that's within Liberty of Speech...).

Happens - nobody's injured, no casualties, no real world damage. If, on the receiving side, you get called the same shit every other game, that's something to think about (and yes, we did lose the war).

As they used to say in usenet, grow some fur if you want to stay. And for those modding, keep your cool - 1 word is never enough for a ban or a warning. If there was more, make it clear to stop the discussion.
keybored wrote
at 4:29 PM, Monday July 17, 2017 EDT
Thanks, Louis. I wholeheartedly agree.
Gauntlet15 wrote
at 11:58 AM, Sunday July 23, 2017 EDT

Please ban twinky. He is harassing by finding my pictures and using them as his avatar without my permission. He did this because I woulnt let him fight for third.

I find this very disturbing and creepy someone would find pictures of others and use as an avatar.

Please seek mental help twinky.
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