Happy 10 years for your gold int, you're welcome
wishbone wrote
at 8:30 AM, Saturday July 1, 2017 EDT

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Vermont wrote
at 1:07 PM, Monday July 3, 2017 EDT
Wow, I suddenly feel rather old.
integral wrote
at 11:00 PM, Monday July 3, 2017 EDT
who knew at the time that I would one day be a moderator. :D
Gurgi wrote
at 9:04 PM, Friday July 7, 2017 EDT
one of the better mods*
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:18 AM, Monday July 10, 2017 EDT
Just to say this one more time:

My deep respect for anybody spending the time it takes to be a moderator to improve this game and keep it going rather than just having fun.

As always, power is a great challenge for humans so not all perform to the level they most likely would have expected from themselves. Still they need to be thanked for trying. Regarding Int as a mod, it has been seen before that great villains can develop to good cops (Wyatt Earp?).
hcdug wrote
at 12:10 PM, Wednesday July 12, 2017 EDT
I agree. I also think that LC should be nominated for mod. Since Int is like Barney Fife in a lawless town.
integral wrote
at 8:30 PM, Wednesday July 12, 2017 EDT
I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:18 AM, Thursday July 13, 2017 EDT
I don't know Barney Fife so I can't get that line.

Regardless of whether or not I'd be suited as a mod (sore loser, strong tendency to lose his temper in chat, insulting at times, ...) I appreciate and feel honored to be mentioned in that context (may it have been a joke or not). Unfortunately, thanks to the fact that I do have a very satisfying life outside this game I wouldn't be able to spend the time this task demands to do it in an appropriate way. I'd thus have to decline.
K8Dice wrote
at 10:08 AM, Friday July 14, 2017 EDT
Wow I started playing this game 10 years ago this month yikes. Thanks wishy haha.
XCRobin wrote
at 6:58 PM, Wednesday September 20, 2017 EDT
That is a pretty stacked top All-Time list at the beginning of that video.

May/June of 2007 were some really good times.
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