Not saying its a thing, but Poco and 4november looks like a thing
hcdug wrote
at 8:05 AM, Wednesday June 28, 2017 EDT
Odd poco doesnt play anything but 500s when i see him, but 4november gets on and they run the 2ks under cover of darkness?

Just sayin

Happy Rolling

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dasfury wrote
at 2:30 PM, Wednesday June 28, 2017 EDT
Is there any "there" there?
ffbsensei wrote
at 10:16 AM, Thursday June 29, 2017 EDT
hcdug wrote
at 2:57 PM, Thursday June 29, 2017 EDT
Ing.a wrote
at 6:28 PM, Friday June 30, 2017 EDT
the die wrote
at 8:32 AM, Saturday July 1, 2017 EDT
poco pga´d, stabbed and cheated all the time. i dunno why he doesnt get banned...
Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:40 AM, Monday July 3, 2017 EDT
Not saying there is nothing, but nobody's ever gotten first without severe support by otf at least. The line between otf and pga is thin and often hard to see.

You don't want that or want at least changing "teams" give any 1st 1 month break (also on all alts) after the win. Look at the number of games - a focus on real life is needed urgently.
hcdug wrote
at 9:07 AM, Tuesday July 11, 2017 EDT
Villiv is going down a dark hole. Too bad too, i like the kid.

Happy Rolling
hcdug wrote
at 9:35 AM, Tuesday July 11, 2017 EDT
even in death doing what they can.
dasfury wrote
at 1:43 PM, Monday July 24, 2017 EDT
hcdug wrote
at 1:11 PM, Monday July 31, 2017 EDT

funnelfest on the last day. I like it!!!!

Happy Rolling.
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