argentina's pga month ?
dicebomb wrote
at 3:43 AM, Wednesday April 12, 2017 EDT

negro flag and then stab and i saw other guy erathia supporting vino lot0s of times in other games

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dicebomb wrote
at 3:54 AM, Wednesday April 12, 2017 EDT
*negro chanhed his flag but he's from argentina
Az_Balu wrote
at 11:01 AM, Saturday April 15, 2017 EDT
no, its still turkish pga month, and their d*cks*ckers
dicebomb wrote
at 6:24 PM, Monday April 17, 2017 EDT
HammerHeadNo1 wrote
at 9:19 AM, Thursday April 20, 2017 EDT
this is why vino is a little bitch and wont sit 5k with me so he can not pull this bullshit play. i got banned for stuff half as bad as this
HammerHeadNo1 wrote
at 9:19 AM, Thursday April 20, 2017 EDT
him and negro pga every single game
Exa wrote
at 10:29 PM, Thursday April 20, 2017 EDT
be real ham lol

yes vino and neg are bad, but ur hardcore PGA is worse.

everyone cheats here, we all know it, whats wrong with it ?
And you r obviously going for gold this month, just be a man and admit it u r doing the same as vino

Golds worth much less nowadays, ppl dun care about ur cheated gold anyway, so whats the point to play this "omg PGA"game ? just pack ur gold and go man
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:08 AM, Friday April 21, 2017 EDT
The 2nd game db referes to isn't too fishy tbh. Somebody denies a silent truce - so what? Right, blue/brown haven't attacked but therer were others as well.

The 1st is worse and pga is admitted in chat. That'd be sufficient to ban both imo.

At Exa - I am not cheating as far as I know. Some OTF probably, but even that isn't borderline. I am aware that I might be wrong judging myself and would be grateful for corrections.

Regarding all others, please name the teams. I always love to know whos teamplaying with whom...
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