Must read
Ing.a wrote
at 6:33 PM, Monday January 9, 2017 EST
Found this on Jurgen's reviews and had a nice time reading it.

Everyone who play this game must know 2 things. 1. Game belongs to admins and his friends 2. Admins and his friends can do everything, rest of us have a rules. Pga for chosens doesnt exists, for rest is mortal sin. If you talk bout it - ban. If you post - ban. If someone of them hate you, cause you win or play better - ban. If you catch him in pga and post that - ban. So month from month the game have less and less player. Admins ban me for two weeks and ban stay more than 2 month. So if you dont know admins or dont obey this sistem this fantastic game is not for you. Admins and his friends may have 2 or 3 alts, but if you make alt you will be ban. I play this 7 years. 50 x more player has been at game. I suppose that from one year, maybe 100 players will be left. Now, i have question for admins, and all can have see, is this pga ? and if it is, why this players dont have ban. Look this games - clear pgas. All can see. simor10 & warriorcat cangelo12 & marder ireneo & hisandherpes El Destructor & pdmt janissary & kludge26 trueblue & uel deffonotTimer & 987654321 zumo & Az_Balu Toms & Az_Balu Also, great past player and probably sick man in 60 years, hcdug, go from table to table and make some kind of truce or pga against players who's better than him. He can beat them , dont look the game, always accuse someone. Poor man. Is that OK? I play this game for fun, but for some players this is life (hcdug for example). Nice game was, now is only for friends. So bye bye kdice ! Hcdug be happy, all better players than you is banned, so you dont have more to jump from table to table and make mess. I every time accept flags, also my only guilt is for respect some players. Bad is cause Integral and Hcdug and some of his friends hate people like bivo. And everyone who dont attack bivo will be accused to pga. Then Integral ban him. So if you want to change this game better, at least make same rules for all players. I wait to see who will be banned when you look this games. If you say silent truce? Then Pga doesnt exists - so why you ban me? If no one ban after this - my words is true. So bye kdice, it WAS a nice game.
Kurton on Saturday July 2, 2016

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integral wrote
at 9:09 PM, Monday January 9, 2017 EST
This 3 players: -deffonotTimer -hcdug -Jack Barrows He made private server of this game kdice unfortunately he downloaded server from Rayana without any euro. He enter on table to table from 0 points table to 100 points table, 500 points table and he accused how bivo play game with bosnian mafia. He have night nightmare from player BIVO because he know she are low from BIVO player. Than cry and public accused how Bivo play in clan with Bosnian Mafia. She are not unaware that Bivo is the best player in world and hacker. He can't destroy his account's, he played with him and she doesn't know for that. Jurgen and Integral help : -deffonotTimer -hcdug -Jack Barrows when this 3 player pose from anybody, that man recieve - play - chat - re register. That know fair administrator and quick sanctioned. I will give you next reasons: silent trucing most of your games with Kurton/Gilipter is pga, take 2 weeks off -play integral 10:57 PM, Monday May 2, 2016 EDT This show how much is fair administrator. And show how much is fair, and he don't take ban with not inactive time. Soon Kdice Goodbye for all time. This i will upload on youtube to know that it is fair, and again he will again see to ban me. He don't know that i have 100.000 accounts. -deffonotTimer -hcdug -Jack Barrows Soon goodbye your's medals and months for you play without reason. All this Rayan must read and other player that are accused for Pga Bivo Kurton.
Osman Mal on Wednesday August 24, 2016
JamesEnsor wrote
at 9:31 AM, Wednesday January 11, 2017 EST
dafuq I just read?
greeen wrote
at 2:42 AM, Friday January 13, 2017 EST
i laughed, the best bit was the bivo part. I always pga bivo - all the fun players get banned that's why its dead. They may not be popular but they came to play, most of them we don;t know them and their real lives. But nobody cares. We sometimes can help encourage eachother and help them through things. This game is not A helpline, nor its a place to ask for help but if you can help just one person, wouldn't you think that's something? Ive been playing games my whole entire life online because in real life I was suicidal at 18, then I found out there was other people like me, like the world isn't so small any more, playing games online I can be a different person because no body knows my real life. Its a game. People come to play and sometimes people come to make friends online. To me playing games with a bunch of gamers who have an interest in the same activity, makes us all the same. We come here to get away from things.
TheNewJimJones wrote
at 10:03 AM, Friday January 20, 2017 EST
Ing.a is 100% correct.
whimsical wrote
at 2:35 AM, Saturday January 21, 2017 EST
I want the five minutes of my life I spent reading that back
Zuma wrote
at 7:23 PM, Saturday January 21, 2017 EST
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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