Wrong medal with me
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:29 AM, Monday January 9, 2017 EST
I am very proud (or something like that) of having another white batch for 57th in December 2016. This was a bit surprising as I didn't think my score sufficient when I stopped playing for December.

However, looking at the month archive, I am not 57th. I am not even listed among the top 100. Probably that's more to the point.

Could this please be checked? What is right, the month archive or my personal page? Is this a common mistake?

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bigdickk wrote
at 8:43 AM, Monday January 9, 2017 EST
it's true
greeen wrote
at 9:11 AM, Monday January 9, 2017 EST
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integral wrote
at 9:16 PM, Monday January 9, 2017 EST
the stats are quite off in a number of places, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

for example i'm career 8th but really I'm supposed to be 23, also my place (and a number of other people's) is wrong for december on the archive page as well (archive says 84th but I have a medal for 83rd). I imagine other months are the same.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 10:06 AM, Tuesday January 10, 2017 EST
Ok - was just wondering as it is the first time I recognized stats are not only total bogus with luck but seemingly in other places as well. I don't think it will influence my life too much.

Thanks for spending the time to answer.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:55 AM, Tuesday January 17, 2017 EST
It has been fixed. The medal is gone. Honesty pays - as usually in this game ;-)
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