the official history of kdice monthly 1st places
montecarlo wrote
at 5:22 PM, Monday December 3, 2007 EST
note that there is natural bias in most of these. i praise those that i respect, i bash those that i resent.

MARCH: Grunvagr. from what ive heard from everyone who played that long ago (including my own experience with the beast), Grunvagr won this the hard way. no pgas, no cheating, just lots of games, and good strategy.

APRIL: rnd. this was towards the beginning of the cabal days, before it was completely formed (read: no AIM yet). rnd had 3 accounts in the top 25, performed favors with the lesser two, and had the favors returned to his primary. little known fact: rnd's original account was rndaxs, as far as i know.

MAY: X LUCK X. the cabal came into full swing by early may, with the instant messaging and all. rnd seemed to be running away with 1st, when a group decided that cheaters should not win. to beat the cheaters, the good players copied the cheaters, and formed their own instant-messaging cabal. its debatable who headed up this cabal. leekstep and Mikeypoo were strong members, and games were thrown X LUCK X's way. the person who claims the most insistently to have orchestrated the group is none other than CoMik, who was aggrevated that his old buddy rnd was about to run away with another easy 1st for the month. since this month, rnd and comik have never been on good terms.

JUNE: integral. the two caballing groups started to appreciate each other and mesh together, with everyone having a good time. X LUCK X pulled out ahead and solidified 1st. montecarlo (i love talking about myself in the third person) solidified 2nd. with one day left, a massive instant messaging chat was called together, and it was decided that, just for the hell of it, the whole group of both cabals (who now referred to themselves as green square, pink square, and black trapezoid) would flagfest integral to 1st place in less than 24 hours. X LUCK X was fine with conceding his 1st, and montecarlo was fine with conceding his 2nd. integral shot up and captured 1st, leekstep captured it all on video, and the hilarity (or tragedy) may now be viewed on youtube.

JULY: WayneRooney. well, after the youtube video went up, the cabals came crashing down. well.. more like the original cabal came crashing down, since leekstep reported it in a fashion that only targeted the original crew. around this time, a new method for easier 1sts was discovered: proxy cheating. with leeksteps guidance and help, waynerooney was able to proxy his way to 1st place for july.

AUGUST: Mikeypoo. after an exhausting month of attacking and defending in the forums, most of the old cabal wanted to take some time off. which left the door wide open for anyone to get 1st. since Mikeypoo was 1) extremely popular, 2) played 1000 games per month, and 3) an average strategist, he easily won this month.

SEPTEMBER: rnd. Vohaul and Zosod were heatedly competing in this month. rnd noticed this feud and helped convince Vohaul that Zosod was specifically trying to beat Vohaul, so Vohaul decided to get back at Zosod by helping rnd take 1st overall.

OCTOBER: Zosod. dasfury and MadHat_Sam fought back and forth for 1st and 2nd in october until the first 5k games were played. Zosod pwnd anyone and everyone on the 5k games, and dasfury and MadHat_Sam settled for second and third, but not in that order.

NOVEMBER: dasfury. the bitch of the old cabal learned his lesson from october, and won the only 5k game of november. he coasted to an easy 1st for the month after that.

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Wicked! wrote
at 5:39 PM, Monday December 3, 2007 EST
Hah monte, your first sentence destroys the "official" part of it.

Anyway, interesting stuff.
lesplaydices wrote
at 5:45 PM, Monday December 3, 2007 EST
Note: In October Lesplaydices (now with a fancy Kanye West avatar) finished 6th. He won the first 5k game ever played and pretty much let the 5 others that finished ahead of him do so.
XCBatman wrote
at 5:59 PM, Monday December 3, 2007 EST
May was the most fun I ever had.
Grunvagr wrote
at 6:05 PM, Monday December 3, 2007 EST
to be fair, I only won the first recorded month of kdice history

players such as Snufkin won previous #1 places but were never given the gold nugget only because the record keeping system was not in place

anyone know the other #1s? just for honorable mention

im did Spamite ever win? Rven? know where were way up there constantly
Grunvagr wrote
at 6:06 PM, Monday December 3, 2007 EST

I know they WERE way up there.
integral wrote
at 6:07 PM, Monday December 3, 2007 EST
talking about yourself in the third person makes it sound like someone else was playing your account.

JDizzle787 wrote
at 6:13 PM, Monday December 3, 2007 EST
lets see, since I love respecting those from the days of yore here goes:

Snufkin, a little known player had dominated the top position for a least a period of one straight month. since there was no reset, he stayed with a clean 2100/2200+ for the whole time, and seemed to be a good player.

I can't say much about the "upper eschelon" of that time since I was still around my sophomore weeks of playing the game. Yet of what I have observed is that there was a social strata before then that almost deliberately left/ completely disappeared after the first few months of kdice's popular beginning. Ahh, the good ol' days, when names like Tech and MadWilly were well known along with Capt. Cracker and others.
Disasterz wrote
at 10:23 PM, Monday December 3, 2007 EST
Good post
Cal Ripken wrote
at 11:35 PM, Monday December 3, 2007 EST
May was the best. heh.
Pink Triangle 4 eva
montecarlo wrote
at 10:38 AM, Friday July 25, 2008 EDT
bumb for thrax.
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