Ryan wrote
at 1:33 AM, Saturday December 2, 2006 EST
Just a hint that its better for your rating to play at 200+ tables, if you have a rating over 200.

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Pegasus wrote
at 10:58 AM, Monday December 4, 2006 EST
They're always empty when I'm on. How about some 100+ tables?
Ryan wrote
at 11:05 AM, Monday December 4, 2006 EST
ok, maybe some 100+ in the next update
gryftir wrote
at 9:42 PM, Monday December 4, 2006 EST
Then lets get some 300 plus tables too.
Buton wrote
at 10:37 PM, Monday December 4, 2006 EST
How about 400+ too? I kid, I kid.

Ryan wrote
at 11:03 PM, Monday December 4, 2006 EST
honestly we will need more as the ratings grow. I need to think of a way to make this dynamic.
Buton wrote
at 10:54 AM, Tuesday December 5, 2006 EST
Mr.K... you and I need a 500+ board now!

at 4:51 AM, Friday September 3, 2010 EDT
Ryan, I'm banning you for 7 days for making such a shitty game.

montecarlo wrote
at 12:07 AM, Monday December 5, 2016 EST
Used google to search kdice for various dates from 2006. This is the earliest post I could come up with.

We are officially 10 years old. We've seen our ups and downs. I still really appreciate all the time I've spent here, all the people I've gotten to enjoy (and even those I've hated).

Thanks Ryan. Fuck the haters, you created a great site and a wonderful community. Cheers.
Vermont wrote
at 9:40 AM, Monday December 5, 2016 EST
We're due for an up! It was a fun ride and I'm thankful as well, but at this point I'm not sure we'll see another five, let alone ten years.
davilfs wrote
at 8:57 PM, Monday December 5, 2016 EST
what do you mean about these "+" tables? i never saw it
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